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Avoid paying excess STT on Options Expiry

One fine day, Mr. X was holding an ITM (in-the- money) Call Option which he bought a few days ago and his position was going to expire on the same day. He was happy that he’d make handsome profit on the trade and he hence didn’t square off the position assuming it would get expired […]

Inside Unreal Estate: Book Review

As a matter of fact, Indians love real estate but the information available about it is largely limited to marketing & promotional material, word of mouth and general observation. Hence, investments made in the sector by individuals is generally not based on factual analysis of demand and [...]

Book Review of Bandhan: The making of a bank

I must say that after reading this book, I am thoroughly convinced that succeeding at micro finance businesses require special kind of skills, the kind that the Founder, Mr. Chandra Shekhar Ghosh possessed. This book is about his journey of creating the most revered Micro Finance business in [...]

What is Short Delivery & How it works

What is a Short Delivery? When one takes an intraday position in the equity segment, whether buy or sell, the position has to be squared off on the same day. Imagine if the position couldn’t be squared off due to some reasons, how it will affect the settlement: • Scenario 1 – If you buy [...]

Why Thematic Investing Is the Future!

Usually, diversification comes at the expense of returns. Although diversification is important to contain risk, beyond a point, it adversely impacts returns. Hence, the 100+ themes in thematic investing are constructed keeping in mind an optimal yet powerful diversification. This is contrary [...]

10 Benefits of Thematic Investing

What is Thematic Investing? Thematic Investing is a futuristic way of investing in the stock markets where you can identify large opportunities or invest in your preferred ideas or current trends without having to do detailed fundamental and technical research on individual stocks. Due to the [...]

What is Thematic Investing & how it works

We live in an evolutionary world where everything changes with time. The stock markets in India has evolved from equity to derivatives to mutual funds and ETFs. Thematic investing is the next step of this evolution. It provides even laymen an opportunity to invest their hard-earned money in the [...]

FYERS – Margin Policies

The following write-up gives you our margin policies which will help you out trading equity intraday, equity delivery, F&O and currency on National Stock Exchange (NSE). Equity Trading: 1. CnC/Delivery – When you take a position & hold the same overnight, it is called as Cash N [...]

How to use F&O Margin Calculators

Fyers F&O Margin Calculator is India’s one of the best online margin calculator that enables you to calculate extensive margin requirements for futures and option writing/shorting when trading equity and currencies on National Stock Exchange (NSE). At Fyers you get the best margin deals [...]

How to use Option Calculator on Fyers One

Before learning how to use our option calculator, it is important you learn some basics about option greeks. The jargon dictionary of options traders, there are words like Delta, theta, Gama and Vega. If you’re not acquainted with these terms, you are missing out for sure. Options greeks are [...]

A Bank for the Buck – Book Review

This is one of the most fascinating stories of corporate India. A real life story of one of India’s most highly respected financial brand, HDFC Bank. I came across this book and by the time I was done reading the reviews on the back page, I was hooked. Tamal Badyobadhyay is an engaging writer [...]

Say Hello to Nifty Indices – NSE rebranding

India Index Services & Products Limited (IISL) which is a group company of NSE and India’s leading provider of indices have rebranded all the existing indices. You won’t have to refer to indices on NSE as CNX anymore. NSE has rebranded their indices and now they will all be referred to as [...]

Bank Nifty weekly options specifications

As per the recent NSE Circular, we hope you are aware that NSE is launching weekly options contracts on Nifty Bank (Bank Nifty). NSE wants to use Bank Nifty which is the second highest traded instrument on the exchange to improve the liquidity and volumes. These weekly contracts will be listed [...]

Find unusually high volume stocks on Fyers One

High volume stocks signal that something important is going on within them and it is worth paying attention to. On Fyers One, we have a feature to display stocks whose volumes are unusually high. Often when above-average volumes are traded on the stock exchange, there can be a lot of [...]

Trading Option Strategies the Right Way!

In the last few years, the retail trading community in India has really found a love for options. They are volatile, you can double your money in a day if you get it right and you can buy a truckload of contracts in comparison to futures which require more margin. All great.

Creating Watch lists on Fyers One

On Fyers One, watch lists are amazing. It has features that can possibly surpass many professional trading platforms. In this post, I’ll show you the basics of how to create a simple watch list so that you can begin trading. The other advanced features will be covered subsequently later. To [...]

How to use technical charts on FYERS ONE

Technical charts are a graphical representation of the prices and volumes in a given period of time. It is probably the easiest way to keep track of the stock markets. Whether it is to trade, invest or simply observe, technical analysis of stocks is the most efficient way to keep yourself [...]

Net Positions Explained – Fyers One

The Net positions window shows you all the trade information that you need to know. If you want to know how much money you’re making or losing, this is where you should be looking. Below is a detailed step by step guide to help you become proficient at using it.

Trade Book Explained – Fyers One

Trade book gives you all the details you need to know about your trades. It gives you additional information about executed trades that are not shown in the order book. For example, if you buy 1000 shares of Asian Paints, it would’ve gotten executed in different lots. This is basically because [...]

An Uncertain Glory

While the media focuses on economic growth rates, Jean Dreze and Amartya Sen focus on how the popular opinion is biased, making the country look more like oases in the midst of the burning desert sands.

The Crisis of Global Capitalism

In this book, George Soros, explains his theory of reflexivity in length and uses the financial markets as a field of example to demonstrate its workings. The first part of the book is dedicated to the theoretic explanation of his theory which is for the most part, very dry and heavy.

The Ascent of Money

It takes a certain kind of writing skills to make an otherwise dry subject as interesting as this. It is an interwoven classic of the evolution of finance. The events go back centuries in the past analysing why we have a certain kind of situation today.

More Money Than God

The title may sound a bit pompous, but this is a superbly well documented collection about some of the most successful hedge funds in the world. It also gives their history over the past 50 years. There is this sense of credibility gap after finishing the book.

Inside the House of Money

This book was first published in 2006 which was considered a period of great prosperity for the stock market around the world. The reputation of hedge funds as the undisputed alternative investment vehicles was established after they survived the Tech bubble crash.

Cash the Crash

It is a pure waste of paper, filled with his life philosophy of being happy, content, and not worrying about money. It is probably the laziest and the most half headed approach to the markets.

Free to Choose

The famous Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman has championed the cause of free market economics. At a time when a greater part of the world lived in socialist societies, he showed the world the true benefits of economics based on the concept of freedom.

The Intelligent Investor

First published in 1949, it is probably the most famous book on investing to have ever been written. If you don’t already know, one of the author’s student is currently the richest investor in the world. So need anyone doubt if this book is worth it?

The Shock Doctrine

The book is ripe with information and facts well in place making her argument against the evils of capitalism. The only problem is that the facts are twisted and distorted towards her bias.

The Alchemy of Finance

Firstly, a little light about the author. George Soros is one of the most influential investor of our times. In this book, he has clearly described how he goes about understanding the world and the markets, in what he refers to as the “Theory of Reflexivity”

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

The book was first published in 1923, just years before the great depression of 1929. The book is ancient, but it yet remains most relevant today if you want to understand how the stock market functions. It is a fictionalized biography of probably the most famous speculator of the early 1900’s.

Liar’s Poker

This is a thoroughly informative account of the author’s experiences as he began his career in Solomon Brothers as a bond salesman until he quit his job. The book is written in a very humorous and sometimes cynical style as he describes the office dynamics, greed and arrogance, and events that [...]