Introducing NSE Commodity (NCOM) and BSE Currency (BCD) Derivative Segments

Introducing NSE Commodity (NCOM) and BSE Currency (BCD) Derivative Segments

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09 December '2023
10:00 AM

We are excited to announce the addition of NSE Commodity (NCOM) and BSE Currency (BCD) derivatives segments on our trading platform, effective from 11th December 2023. This expansion enables our clients to access and trade in commodity contracts listed on the NSE and currency contracts listed on the BSE, offering opportunities for diversification and enhanced price discovery.

The new contracts will be available across all our trading platforms, including Fyers Web, Fyers App, Fyers EA, and Fyers Next.

As per our Risk Policies, the following will be applicable:

Segment Symbols Allowed Products Allowed Order Types Allowed



Margin (Invest) Limit
BCD (USDINR - Futures & Options) USDINR

Margin (Invest)

Intraday (Trade)



BCD (Other INR pairs - Futures only)




Margin (Invest) Limit

Points to remember:

  • Historical data for these contracts will be available from the 11th December 2023 (launch date) onwards. Prior historical data will not be available.
  • NCOM & BCD will soon be integrated into API v3 and Fyers One.
  • For the NCOM segment, all other symbols and order types, such as Market, SL-M, and product types like Intraday, BO, and CO will be blocked.
  • In the BCD segment, all other currency pairs will be blocked.

We encourage our clients to explore these new segments and take advantage of the enhanced trading options they provide. For any further information or queries, kindly contact us.

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