Our Brand

FYERS is an acronym that reads,” Focus Your Energy & Reform the Self”.

It represents our core philosophy in life. We strive to exceed our expectations and constantly:

– Aim for the best
– Work at our best
– To be the best

We’re a group of passionate young entrepreneurs with deep experience in trading and the stockbroking industry. At Fyers, we are determined to override the complacency of stockbrokers in India and try our best to contribute to your success. We want you to have the best trading platforms and a seamless end-to-end experience.

As a matter of policy, we are committed to being transparent and always willing to take the initiative and be the vanguard of change. We are constantly implementing new ideas to make investing a smooth and simple experience.

Why Us

Revolutionary trading platforms that actually give you the winning edge

Low brokerage at ₹20/- per executed order

Cutting-edge Tools

Insightful market perspective and research

No proprietary trading. Pure brokerage firm.

Swift Customer Support

100% Transparency

Refer a friend and earn for life!


SEBI Registration Certificate - FYERS

SEBI Registration Certificate

NSE Trading Membership - FYERS

Letter from NSE mentioning the SEBI registration number & NSE membership code.

FYERS Trademark Certification

Certificate of Trade Mark Registration – 1

Fyers Trademark Registration 2

Certificate of Trade Mark Registration – 2

FYERS AMFI Registration Certificate

Certification for AMFI registered Mutual Fund Advisor


Begin a new journey to investing now.
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